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Have you ever wondered exactly how wisdom develops and shines from one person to another? I’ve traveled the world to seek the answer to that exact question. Through deep exploration and emersion into the world of Yoga, Meditation, Ayurveda, and the Science of Happiness, I believe I have some answers.

How does your Inner Light Shine?


The Big Question

Where does wisdom come from? We know wisdom takes time to develop. Could wisdom be like a pearl forming inside an oyster? According to How Stuff Works, “The formation of a natural pearl begins when a foreign substance slips into an oyster…kind of like the oyster getting a splinter. The oyster’s natural reaction is to cover up that irritant with the substance used to create the shell. Eventually, a beautiful pearl forms inside.”

Think of wisdom as the inner pearl within us all. Thrust upon us are life lessons, which many times can be irritating like a grain of sand inside the oyster. Or, the small rock in your shoe that rubs your foot on a hike. Realizing what we want and don’t want forces us to stop and make choices. Somehow, we a find way to turn grit into beautiful wisdom.

If we are wise, we use positive emotions to cover our grit, whether it be compassion, trust, acceptance, optimism, or simple kindness. You need the grit to make the pearl. Once you have stability within, you can share your stability, balance, and confidence with others. Many of you already do that especially if you are a mom or a caregiver!

Wisdom Presents Itself in Many Forms from Many Different Sources

Across the board, the people I interview say that wisdom comes in many forms. We have sages in our midst. Sometimes they are exactly who you think they should be, a wise friend, your grandmother, a teacher, or a loved one. But sometimes not. Wisdom can take the form of a child who experiences life without preconditioned notions and ideas on how things “should work” and instead approach life with wonder and amazement. So often, a solution is right under our noses, but it takes wisdom to actually see the answer. 

And while wisdom is as unique as the individual sharing their ideas and experiences, there are intersections in most of the stories. As the Mama Lama Wisdom Collective developed, it became clear to me that there is a relationship between how people share their wisdom and their personal preferences for joy.

Let’s look at the Mama Lama Wisdom profiles

wisdom-profile-happyHappy Mama Lama

A “Happy Mama Lama” finds joy in everything she touches. Her special skill is bringing people together, and she loves to laugh. People are drawn to her because of her generosity of spirit. She is lively and fun, and equally comfortable at a big party or quietly watching TV on the couch with her gang. The best day for a Happy Mama Lama is one spent enjoying friends and family. But best of all, Happy Mama Lamas aren’t afraid to be silly or go on an adventure at the drop of a hat. If there is one word for the Happy Mama Lama, it is JOYFUL!


Kitchen Mama Lama

A “Kitchen Mama Lama” enjoys nurturing others. Her special skill is bringing out the BEST in the people she cares for and loves. If someone is sick, she is the first person to offer help or deliver a healthy pot of soup. A Kitchen Mama Lama has a way of knowing what other people need. Her open heart makes everyone want to be around her, she is deeply loved! It’s a good day if a Kitchen Mama Lama uses her skills to hand out hugs and kisses as she spreads joy in the world. The one word for her is GENEROUS!

wisdom-profile-yoga-mama-lamaYoga Mama Lama

A “Yoga Mama Lama” knows how to find peace and happiness in her life. Her special skill is seeing goodness in everyone and everything! She multiplies that goodness by sending positive energy out into the universe. She knows what self-care means and is not afraid to carve out a little “me” time. A Yoga Mama Lamas best day might start out with some yoga or exercise, followed by some self-care, brunch with her crew, and a delicious healthy meal at the end of the day. If there is one word for her, it’s AUTHENTIC!

wisdom-profile-earthEarth Mama Lama

The “Earth Mama Lama” is a champion for all beings – four-legged friends included! Her special skill is offering wisdom and guidance to those who seek her knowledge. An Earth Mama Lama is grounded and intelligent and lives in the world of action. She is ruled by her heart, and not her head. She is highly perceptive of other people’s needs. Recharging the Earth Mama Lamas batteries means a trek in the great outdoors, toes in the sand, or recycling, reusing, and renewing. She is the keeper of the earth. If there is one word for her, it’s ABUNDANCE!

The Treasure Within – Tap into What Makes You Happy

There are many ways to find happiness and balance by getting in touch with your inner wisdom. Start exploring what you are attracted to – in essence, ask yourself what sets your soul on fire? Open to the joy within. Notice if one of the Mama Lama Wisdom profiles speaks to you more than one of the others?

To quickly get started, tune in to how your preferences create joy in your life. You know what you like to do. Is it cooking, exercising, listening to someone, and helping them navigate their problems? Is it getting outside and enjoying the beauty of nature for a moment? Tap into what you like and find joy in doing exactly what makes you smile. It’s important to be consciously aware that you are doing something that gives you joy. 

Allow that joy to multiply by sharing your talents and wisdom with friends, family, and the people you come in contact with each day. Small kindnesses go a long way as does sharing your “pearls of wisdom”. You’ve taken the grit life has sent you, figured out ways to move forward, and developed an inner beauty, filled with light and knowledge. Now, take that wisdom and share it!

Allow Your Wisdom to Flow Out into the World

You are Mama Lama – a wise and wonderful person. Learn to spread happiness and wellbeing wherever you go. The wisdom is within you to share, and by doing so, you will increase positivity in this beautiful but chaotic world. 

My path has crossed with many extraordinary people from all walks of life, cultures, ages, and education. It’s been my great honor and privilege to study with world-renowned master teachers and mentors. I can’t wait to hear what you have to add to the Mama Lama Wisdom Collective. Life is one crazy adventure.

Namasté and Stay Happy, 

Comment below. Tell us what Wisdom Profile resonated most with you and if your quiz results mirrored how you see yourself. Let us know if another category resonated more closely with the way you move through life, or if you were split between two or more. Sign up for our email. We will send you recommendations on how to expand your inner wisdom and joy based on your Mama Lama type! Or consider writing an article for Mama Lama. 


“How Do Oysters Make Pearls?” 7 May 2001. HowStuffWorks.com. https://animals.howstuffworks.com/marine-life/question630.htm 27 February 2020


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Chris shares her journey towards optimal health and happiness, teaching the wisdom practices of yoga, mindfulness meditation, Ayurveda, and a path to self-discovery. She is a Yoga Teacher 500-RYT, Meditation Teacher, and Editor-in-Chief of the Mama Lama Wisdom Collective.

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2 thoughts on “Wisdom Profile: </br> Shine your Inner Light!”

  1. I’m so excited and grateful to have found Mamma Lama. I’ve been on a long journey of self discovery and self love for many years. I truly believe that I have finally found my people my tribe. Since meeting Chris I have learned to trust my heart. I try everyday to live in love and gratitude, a lesson I had forgotten for way too many years. Life seems so much more simple and relaxed. I can honestly say I am happy for the first time in many years. I look forward to keep growing and learning and possibly helping others. Sending love and light


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