How to Make a Vision Board: Manifest the Life You Want

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Creating a vision board is a practice of mindfulness and visualization, and it’s an engaging way to flex your creativity muscles to bring about the life you desire. The process of creating a board directs your attention to focus on what you truly want in life. I first learned about how to make a vision board when I read Rhonda Byrnes’ book called The Secret (it’s also a movie- check it out on Netflix).

At first, the concept of vision boarding was difficult to grasp. Having worked on plenty of business plans and professional goals for work, doing this for my personal life seemed silly. I figured that my goals could live in my head and didn’t need to be written down nor expressed. Utilizing my Aries sun sign traits, I would typically think about what I want, focus on it, and “work” to make it happen. I was using the same process of the law of attraction, just in a different way. Something was missing, though, which I realized is a deliberate step of creation. Digesting Rhonda’s work was enough of a catalyst for me to play with creating my own vision board.

“Thoughts become things” – Mike Dooley 

I have made many different vision boards over the years and always enjoy the process of making a new one. My dear friend and I have developed a ritual where we get together in December and create our vision boards for the upcoming year. I have also created a joint vision board with my current partner, a fun experience for a date night during quarantine. 



Scientific studies have shown time and time again that the physical body responds to psychological stimuli. For example, when you think of biting into a lemon, your mouth may water, or your lips may pucker. This same concept applies with a vision board; when you think about something (like a lemon), your body and the environment react accordingly (like your mouth beginning to water). The more energy and attention you give a thought, the more frequently that thought is mirrored back to you through your 5 senses. Another example of this is when you buy a specific make, model, and color of a car and then see it EVERYWHERE on the road when you hadn’t noticed it often before. This is a reminder that whatever you want exists in the Universe. Still, it requires the individual to be AWARE of it.   

My Success Story

Creating vision boards has truly enhanced all aspects of my life. I’ve successfully manifested more than I could have ever imagined from creating and working with each board. I created this 2020 vision board right before I moved to Boston in January 2020. At the same time, I was starting a new job and ready to begin a “reNEWed” life, hence the image of the Monarch butterfly spreading her wings. After I moved, I was ready to start dating again. Subsequently, I desired to call in “my person” to my life.


Here is a tip that you may not have heard of when learning how to make a vision board. I listed all of the characteristics, qualities, and traits I wanted in my partner to be on the back of this board. Along with images that illustrated what my new relationship would look and feel like, I envisioned and felt into what our relationship would be like and how I would feel around him. Turns out that 2 months later, I went on a date with a man who LITERALLY CHECKED ALL OF THE BOXES… except for one. I desired a partner taller than me (I jokingly say I’m 5’12”, so that is a tall order… literally), and it turns out that he is an inch or two shorter than me. But everything else aligned, and I am very happy in my relationship. 

You can also see the “free car” checked off on my vision board. I sold my Jeep right before moving to Boston since I didn’t think I would need it while living in the city. Turns out that I did want a car but didn’t want a car payment, so I added “free car” to my board. Sure enough, a few weeks later, my mom called and said that she was getting a new car and asked if I wanted her old (and paid off) one. I graciously accepted, while giving plenty of gratitude to the Universe, and adopted the car. While it’s not quite the pearl white Audi Q3 that I envisioned, it was a FREE car!

Here are 4 steps to help you create your own vision board:


  1. Define your Goals: What do you desire?
  2. Find Inspiration. Look for images, photos, or visuals.
  3. CREATE! This is the FUN part!
  4. Put your board into Action.

The good news is that there is no “right” or “wrong” way to create your board. The basic premise is to create a visual representation of your hopes, wishes, and desires. You can experiment with what feels right for you, knowing that you can always change it, add to it, or make a new one whenever you want… it’s YOUR board!

Defining your goals: What do you desire?

“If you don’t know exactly where you’re going, how will you know when you get there?” – Steve Maraboli

The first question to ask yourself is, “what do I truly want?”. Most often, answering this question can be the most challenging part of the process. I first read The Secret right after my divorce, and I came to the stunning realization that I had never really paused to ask myself what I wanted. The question itself terrified and paralyzed me. I avoided creating a vision board for months because of this fear… fear of “doing it wrong” or “picking the wrong thing.”

For my entire life up to that point, I had obediently followed societal expectations: I went to a great college, got a job and started a 401K, got married, and then bought a house with the proverbial white picket fence. Likewise, I allowed others to make decisions for me, even if they weren’t the best for me. At the same time, I gave myself the permission to dream and uncover what motivated me. I felt like I was bombarded with societal messages like “be realistic” and “do what everyone else is doing.”

Since my marriage had dissolved. No one else was there to make decisions for me; I felt like I was starting over. Most importantly, I internalized that there were no “wrong” things to put on my board. Consequently, I could lift the veil of fear and move into a state of empowerment and love (love being the opposite of fear). Creating my first board allowed me to be imaginative and generate feelings of expansiveness. Furthermore, creating a vision board moves us into an empowering space. Moreover, we tap into our intuition, AKA our “inner knowing,” and bring our deepest desires and most authentic wishes to light.

Pick a time period for your goals to manifest

Will your board represent this upcoming year? 2 years? 5 years? A lifetime? I have done new vision boards each year because I feel that my wants and needs shift each year. Plus, I like to check things off my board when I receive/manifest them!

Think about all of the things you want to be, do, have, or experience. Perhaps it’s swimming with sharks on a dream vacation to Tahiti, the partner that has all of the qualities you are looking for, your dream A-frame home in the woods near the mountains, or a particular model of a car. Perhaps it’s that dream job or title at work. IT CAN LITERALLY BE ANYTHING! Even writing for a blog.

What matters is that you physically create it on your board and that the images excite you when you look at it. It can represent your vision for a particular area of your life (like just one or multiple categories below) or your life in general.

Here are some category ideas for your board:

  • Career/Business/Livelihood
  • Wealth & Abundance
  • Relationships (under this category, I include family, friends, partner/spouse, aunt, sister)
  • Health & Well-Being (I also include mental health under here)
  • Appearance (I include self-care items here, like a monthly massage, for example)
  • Home (I have a photo album where I keep pics of my dream house, but I have one exterior shot of my dream house on my current vision board. I also love keeping photo albums of home design and décor on
  • Possessions
  • Travel & Adventure
  • Social Life
  • Spirituality
  • Creativity 
  • Giving Back / Volunteer Work
  • Passion Project
  • Spirituality
  • Find your Inspiration

Paper Vision Board vs. Digital Vision Board

Call me old school (I still use a paper planner if that gives you a frame of reference), but I love a good foam-core board for a vision board. I’m sure there are great digital platforms out there to create vision boards, but I’ve found that using my hands to detail my boards has been most beneficial and fun. 

Find images, photos, or visuals from any resource you can get your hands on. I’ve found that using Google images produced an even better idea than what I was initially looking for. An alternative way of organizing your goals is to type or write out your goals/visions/desires using the applicable categories above. Then visual supplements can be created or found based on what you wrote. Your board can also include words, phrases, and/or affirmations that are meaningful to you.

Each year I identify a one-word theme or intention for each year. I print out a visual representation of that word and place it in the middle of my board. My 2020 word was “trust,” and my 2021 word is “allow.”


Layout the photos, images, words, and all materials that you’ve collected. You can arrange and glue these onto a poster board, or even a piece of sturdy cardboard paper will work.

Take some time to mindfully assemble your board with positive intentions. Use the time to tap into your CREATIVITY. There’s no need to fill up the entire space, and you can always add to it later. There may be new intentions or goals that develop a few weeks after gaining initial clarity on your goals. When creating my first board, my desire for perfectionism was paralyzing. To overcome that pressure, I encouraged myself to add a few pictures and told myself that I could add to them later. That thought relieved some of those fearful messages in my head. 

Put your board into action

Put the board in a place where you will look each day, somewhere it can remain in your consciousness on a daily basis. Look at your beautiful board each day and imagine having all of the things pictured. At the same time, genuinely generate those FEELINGS of gratitude and abundance as you gaze upon its magnificence. Get those creative juices flowing, and use your imagination to feel that you ALREADY have these things. 

You can take it a step further and post a photo of your vision board as your cell phone background or laptop wallpaper, so you see it even more often.

You can create your boards by yourself or in a group. Perhaps you host a “how to make a vision board” night for your friends. For parents, vision boarding could be a fun activity to do with your kids!

YOU have the power to attract these things into your life just as I have.

Have fun with it and be open. The Universe is listening! Creating your board will be a source of inspiration for months to come.

Let us know in the comments about your vision board. Did you manifest something right away? What type of Vision Board did you make? We would love to hear from you! 

Tag us on Instagram at @happymamalama and @mamalamamagazine – we will be featuring vision boards this summer. Let us know if you would be interested in a Vision Board workshop.
Namasté Friends!

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Tricia Fitzgerald lives in Boston, MA, with her partner, who was manifested through her vision board. She is a Trader Joe’s enthusiast and a charcuterie lover, hot tea, Broadway shows, biography books, yoga, and outdoor activities.

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