January Wellness Challenge and Cleanse! 14-Day Healthy Living Program

WHEN: Jan 2, 2022 – Jan 16, 2022
LED BY: Chris Kelly

14 Day Wellness Challenge & Cleanse: Food Cleanse for Gut Health, Yoga, Mindfulness Training, Group Coaching, and a Swag Bag for your New Year Reboot!

Explore, Experience, Evolve, and Emerge into the next version of YOU! Start your New Year on the right foot, feel great, look great, and have more energy to take you into 2022 with this Wellness Challenge, Cleanse, and Detox. 

Join us for the 2022 New Year Wellness Challenge and Cleanse!

Enjoy your holidays without a care. On January 2nd, we will start the 2022 January Wellness Challenge and Cleanse. Monday, January 3rd the eating program begins, you’ll have plenty of time to prepare for the cleanse.

Think of the UNLIMITED Possibilities – when you FEEL GREAT! 

We will help you reset patterns, reboot your digestion for Optimal Health and dive into Well-Being practices. You’ll learn how to use Yoga and Mindfulness to reset your Mind, Body, and Spirit connection. Plus, you’ll discover how food can cleanse and restore balance in your life. And so much more. 

You’ll receive a food list, a recommended weekly eating & self-care plan, supporting lectures to keep you on track, suggested yoga schedule, and much more.

In addition, you’ll get a Bonus SWAG BAG containing some essential products and goodies to keep your spirits lifted.

This reboot will work for your body, mind, and overall feeling of well-being as you reset, and get ready for the year ahead.

Most importantly,  we will give you everything you need to be successful. Our program uses Ayurvedic principles as a guide, while offering different options for food preferences – think Whole 30, the Mediterranean Diet, traditional and not so traditional Ayurvedic recipes.  You’ll receive a food list, a recommended weekly food & self-care plan, and supporting lectures to keep you on track. 

Additionally, we will dive into how to be happy and healthy in 2022. You’ll discover what Ayurvedic Dosha category you fall into and learn how to eat and exercise for your body/mind type. 

To start everything off, you’ll receive information explaining the cleanse and help you get ready. Next up, your Swag Bag will be shipped to your home. It contains a few essential products and goodies to keep your spirits lifted 

This program is 100% online – Kick OFF Zoom January 2, 2022.
Here’s are the deets:
  • Each Sunday, an email arrives in your inbox with instructions for the week, including Weekly Food & Self-Care Plan with a Food List to make shopping easy, Links to Lectures, Journal Prompts, Recipes, and daily Affirmations
  • Yoga/Cardio Schedule – Two Online Yoga Classes per week + Cardio
  • Free Day: Rest, Reset, and Food Prep
  • Complete 14 Day Cleanse Program
  • Ayurveda, Meditation/Mindfulness & Happiness Lectures
  • 2 Live Group Coaching Sessions on Zoom – One at the beginning of each week of the program
Price: $187* Program +  Swag Bag Shipped to You
Includes group online meetings (via Zoom), private online yoga classes and lectures, mindfulness coaching, food cleanse, and eating program.
*Packages will ship on December 27, 2021. Please sign up in advance in order for your Swag Bag to arrive on time. (Mailing available within Continental USA only.) Packages will ship on May 17, 2021. 
We are making it easy for this program to work for everyone with recordings of private yoga classes and lectures. You can practice and listen when it’s a good time for you!
This program is great for all levels, including beginners! You can participate from anywhere since it’s completely online! So grab a friend, or group of friends and do it together. Sign up now:)
Led by Chris Kelly, RYT 500 • Certified Meditation Teacher • Happiness Coach

Sign up Below or Email if you if need more info: 

If you prefer to use Venmo – @chris-kelly-yoga /email:

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COST: $187.00 with Bag Shipped

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