How to throw the Ultimate Brunch!

Have you ever wanted to throw a great party maximizing fun with the least amount of effort, with virtually no clean-up?

With laughter abounding, china clinking, and the sounds of your friends’ ooooh’s and aah’s, Brunch is the perfect gathering that practically guarantees THE BEST “Friend, Daughter, or Special Somebody” Award. Whether you want to host the ultimate Bridal Brunch or just gather a few friends together for Mimosas or Bloodies, Brunch delivers a great opportunity to connect with your peeps and share some laughs. In the words of Ina Garten, “Parties are like “recess” for grown-ups!” Let’s plan one now. And, there is nothing to say it can’t be virtual.

5 Simple Steps to Brunch Success

Step 1: Get Multiple People Involved

Making memories with your friends can be simple and easy with just a little creative thinking and a to-do list.

Create a plan.

Begin with a group email or text seeing who can make the date. Instead of trying to coordinate everyone, it’s much easier to pick a few dates then see who is available. The date most people can make is your date. Simple!

Start with a master list including theme, menu, items needed like china, or cloth napkins if you’re going there, and roles during the brunch. Chances are there is someone in your group who has a box of their Grandma’s china in the closet just waiting for a get out of jail free pass, or you’ll go with paper products, it’s your choice – no pressure. China can be special but definitely not necessary.

Surely, one or two of your cocktail loving friends will offer to handle the Mimosa & Bloody Mary Bar. Set up teams where you can. The friend who would rather wash 1,000 dishes then attempt making a Quiche is your go-to person to manage the cleanup team at the end of the brunch.

In the email, clearly list your theme, menu, items needed and roles. Don’t get stuck coordinating everything and a big mess at the end. Put your name next to the items you’ll take care of on the list and send it out. Let your friends select an item or two and reply with their name next to the item. To help you with this we created a FREE Brunch Planning Checklist (coming soon) you can download.

Step 2: Prep Ahead

Leave nothing to chance on the day of the event! The key is to enjoying the gathering and not working it is all in the planning. Who wants to miss creating memories and giggles with your crew? We’ve all been there – stuck in the kitchen while others are having a blast! Make it your top priority to enjoy the day.

• Figure out what you’ll buy and what you’ll make. Think about freezing a few items ahead of time, and purchasing a cake or sweet treats beforehand.

• Send recipes or links to each friend making something, if they don’t need it fine, but it’s nice to offer especially if you created the menu.

More details to come. Stayed tuned for the rest of the article…

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