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The stars aligned. Fate stepped in, and I met the love of my life. Everything just clicked, marriage, a dream home, a beautiful baby shortly following. Along with all of these joys on our journey, we moved three times. Each time we found ourselves further away from our hometown. As a result, this is where my journey as a Mindful Mom began with family, fitness, and fun.

You see, I grew up in a very tight-knit family. I always imagined living right next door to my parents and siblings after I got married.  Most importantly, I dreamed of having our kids grow up together with their cousins. Backyard BBQs, slumber parties, holiday gatherings, and the list goes on. I was happy, and my heart was so full. Yet, I yearned for my family to be close by. It was very easy to fall into a dark space. However, I chose Mindfulness.

To be a Mindful Mom, you must give yourself time.

Let me explain. When your mind is ready to fully embrace, accept and understand your mental state in its entirety, that is the beginning of your journey to true Mindfulness. Personally, it took me some time to get there.

I stand here today as a proud mom to 3 beautiful girls. The passion I have as a mom is immeasurable. It sounds so cliche, but I really cannot imagine my life any other way. It’s as if I was meant to be a mom. I’m extremely lucky that I’m able to be a stay-at-home mom. I’m sharing my journey with you today to inspire you to stay positive and reach your mindfulness state. I was happy, and my heart was so full. Yet, having my parents and siblings so far away was difficult. Mindfulness is my Saving Grace, even when things seem difficult.

Let’s talk about a few ways we can achieve a mindful state of being.

I decided to calmly accept my feelings, surroundings & focus on all the blessings I do have. I allowed myself to feel everything and accept it. Whether it was good or bad, I needed to understand both to achieve a peaceful place. Feeling happy and focusing on the positives works. Allowing yourself to open up and to help achieve a happy state of mind is not easy. But there are many ways to help encourage a positive mindset to become a Mindful Mom.

Place the Focus on YOU. A Happy State of Mind = Happy Mom = Present Mindful Mom 

Fitness: Don’t fret. I promise it’s not hard!

In the first place, our body needs serotonin – a key hormone that stabilizes our moods. It is essential to help us feel happy. Ultimately, this is something that you can control. For example, one very simple way is to stay active with exercise. Working out does not need to be challenging. You can be creative and do what fits into your daily life. The key here is to find the perfect FIT for your Fitness Journey! Begin by taking time to focus on yourself.


meditating mindful mom

Sharing my tips as a Mindful Mom:

  1. Wake up 30 minutes earlier than everyone else. During this time, stretch, meditate or do any form of relaxation or breathing exercise of your choice. You may feel tired at first, but you will feel rejuvenated, focused, and stronger once you get into a routine. It’s a great way to stimulate your mind to get ready for the day.
  2. Go for a walk after lunch. If you’re like me and have kids all day, take them with you. It can be a short walk around the neighborhood. Make it fun. For example: ask your kids what animals they see in the clouds. How many squirrels do you see? Let’s see who can find a four-leaf clover. It’s really great to be interactive and help the kids stay motivated to stay active. It doesn’t have to feel like exercise. And can be a great mental exercise not just for a Mindful Mom but for the kids too.
  3. Yoga Outdoors: I love to set up an area on our deck or in the backyard and just take in nature. Let the sun warm you and enjoy that moment. Additionally, you can set up a fun activity for kids on the side, or they can even join you. I often play music and layout arts and crafts for the girls to do alongside me. It works out well.

Don’t forget Cardo and Stretching.

  • Cardio: Whether it is on a treadmill, elliptical machine, peloton, outdoors, in your room, anywhere! You can carve out some time. Meanwhile, work your way up gradually. Start with short time frames if that’s all you can get. I remember being on the treadmill for just 5 minutes! Or doing jumping jacks in between chores. Another idea is jump roping with my girls or even playing with hula hoops. Literally, any segment counts and helps. Don’t undermine yourself! Accept that anything counts and matters.
  • Stretch: Before you go to sleep, simply stretch. This can be right in bed. You will fall asleep feeling so much more relaxed.

These are all great ways to start building a foundation for your fitness journey. As a result, you will get stronger, healthier, happier, and reach Mindfulness. I hope that this focus on YOU helps in many ways, especially with family, fitness, and fun.

Make time for outdoor fun. For example: Ask your kids what animals they see in the clouds. How many squirrels do you see? Let’s see who can find a four-leaf clover.  – Betty Cheung –

Next Up: Let’s take this happy new mindset and focus on bringing fitness and fun to the family.




Here are some ideas for the summer with kids. I mainly added at-home safe activities keeping in mind safety measures given the current state. Of course, with any outdoor public outings, please stay safe by keeping socially distanced and wear masks when needed.

  1. Set up that Splash pad! Anything with water is always a win! Especially when it can be set up safely at home. I recommend easy inflatable ones.
  2. Water balloon fight! There’s one called: bunch o balloons by zuru that makes it super easy!! Makes 100 water balloons in 60 seconds, self-tying. It is life-changing.
  3. Make your own popsicles! Get any popsicle mold, juice of any kind, fruits, and let the kids create their own mix. Tasty and fun.
  4. Go on hikes, have your kids collect rocks. And then paint them at home. It creates really great memories and keepsakes for years to come.
  5. Tour your hometown! This is something many take for granted. We tend to forget to enjoy and visit all the amazing sites that your state and hometown have to offer, especially if you live near a popular tourist location or beautiful monument.
  6. Watch a movie outdoors! Even more remarkable, set up a movie night right in your own backyard. Pull out a white bedsheet and pitch it up anywhere. Get a mini projector – I’ve seen one by cinemood. Make some popcorn and, just like that – a magical family movie night.

I hope that this helps. Whether it’s big or small, just remember each step is significant for your journey. The right state of mind is key. In addition, there are so many fun ideas to try and ways to take care of yourself. I’m sending you positive energy and would love to hear about your experiences in becoming a Mindful Mom with family, fun, and fitness.

Are you ready?

Finally, let us know if you have some exciting ways to keep the kids occupied during the summer? Drop a comment below. Do you have something to share? We would love to hear from you! 

Namasté Friends!

Betty Cheung

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Betty is a full-time content creator and stay-at-home mom to 3 darling girls. She shares her journey to inspire women to stay positive and work toward a mindfulness state of existence. In her life, Betty pictured the perfect vision of how she wanted her life to unfold. She discovered that not everything you want is always what you need.

Betty teaches people how to find a happy, healthy & mindful lifestyle. She believes this is the key to mindful parenting.  You can find Betty and her adventures with her beautiful family on Instagram @bettycheung

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