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Hello and Welcome!

I’m Chris Kelly Glavin, and this blog is all about embracing new ideas and adapting a joyful outlook on life. For the last 12 years, I’ve been on a journey towards optimal health and happiness. I can’t wait to share with you what I’ve discovered works and what doesn’t work in the pursuit of balance and ease. I promise to do my best to explain HOW you can implement these same ideas into your life.

My motto: Start Living Happy!

I took charge of my own happiness, joy, and destiny, using exercise, diet, and self-discovery. And you can too!  I’ll share with you new ideas that focus on self-care, mindfulness practices, and fun activities within the Mama Lama Community of wise, wonderful women. I hope you will share your story and ideas as well.

It’s so important to try new ideas ­– to STIR the pot!

As we search together for answers, you will learn about topics like meditation, habits, and repeating patterns in our lives. Subjects like defeating negative self-talk will come up, as we investigate ways to become our own best friend and not our worst enemy!

In this blog, we will discuss how to use the Mama Lama Community to lift us up and expand our horizons. We’ll talk about ways we can support not only ourselves but also those in the greater community.

Envision the life you want. Decide how you want to feel. Imagine leaving your troubles behind and pulling yourself in the direction of health and happiness. We are going to draw on the JOY within us all, and journey down a new path, as a Mama Lama – a wise and wonderful woman full of knowledge with love in her heart. So, buckle up, sister, and get ready to go!

Let the Adventures Begin!
Chris Kelly Glavin – The Happy Mama Lama

Hello Beautiful People,

I’m Chris Kelly Glavin, Editor of the Mama Lama Wisdom Collective where we share ideas on living a happy, healthy life. Ready to learn how to awaken the joy within? It’s time to start a journey to a happier, healthier new you!

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